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The  Evertz  Camera  Adapter  system  provides  a  versatile  fiber-optic  enabled

accessory to Sony HDW-F900(R) and XDCAM-HD, Panasonic, HDX-900 and HPX

High Definition camcorders. There are three components to the system; each linked

via fiber optic cable.

The Camera Adapter and Base Stations are available in several models to support

a wide variety of cameras as shown below.

The  non-fiber  version  of  the  camera-back  adapter,  and  the  fiber  enabled  high

definition versions operating as a standalone units, provide HDSDI with embedded

audio and time code, NTSC/PAL, SDI and IEEE 1394A downconverted video, and

2 analog audio inputs for channels 3 and 4 (on Sony HDCAM models). 

When  the  fiber  enabled  HD  camera  adapters  are  connected  to  the  ECB-HD  base

station  the  camera  video  is  transported  to  the  base  over  fiber  and  broken  out  to

HDSDI  video  with  embedded  audio  and  time  code,  analog  or  AES  audio,  LTC,

NTSC/PAL,  SDI  and  IEEE1394A  downconverted  video  with  time  code.  The  base

station has inputs for return HD/SDI, NTSC/PAL, 4 channels of analog or AES audio,

genlock,  time  code  and  IFB.  The  fiber  also  transports  bi-directional  RTS  intercom,

camera remote control (with view finder menus), and contact closure tallies. 

When the Camera power option is installed in the base station (-CP versions), the

base station can send DC power over a hybrid copper/fiber optic cable to the camera

adapter.  This  DC  voltage  is  converted  to  battery  voltage  by  the  ECA-PS  power

module, which mounts on the camera adapter in place of a battery. When power is

sent  down  the  hybrid  cable,  the  camera  and  accessories  can  be  powered  at  a

distance up to 2km.

  • The price indicated is for a day of rental. 
50% DISCOUNT FOR THE FOLLOWING DAYS The price indicated is for a day of rental. 50% DISCOUNT FOR THE FOLLOWING DAYS


• Serial digital return video available on Aux SDI output

• 4 channels of AES or Analog Return Audio

• NTSC/PAL Return Video

• Tri-level or bi-level genlock return to camera

• LTC to and from camera

• Camera control from control panel connected to base station (camera 

menu video input when available on camera)

• 2 channel Intercom - 5-pin XLR headset connector at camera adapter, RTS 

beltpack connection at base station

• IFB return channel to camera adapter

• Piezo electric speaker with volume control for intercom monitoring

• RS-422/232 channel to base station

• 4 GPI/O channels simple control or tally between camera and base station

- 2 each direction

• Status LEDs for SDI and NTSC/PAL return video, Intercom Talk and Fiber 

Link OK

• Available with LEMO 3K 


• Camera serial digital video output

• Return serial digital video input

• NTSC/PAL camera video out, downconverted from HD and aspect ratio 

converted - supports 4:3 center crop, anamorphic squeeze or 16:9 letter 

box modes

• Serial digital output from downconverter

• 4 channels of analog audio and AES out (de-embedded from camera serial 

digital video)

• IEEE 1394A port for output and control of DV devices

• Remote control to camera (camera luminance video output with menus 

when available on camera

• NTSC/PAL Return Video In

• Genlock In (Analog black burst or Tri-level)

• 4 channels of analog audio or AES in (return audio to camera adapter-selectable)

• Support for RTS intercom - belt pack 3 pin XLR interface

• IFB return input to camera adapter

• RS-422/232 channel to camera adapter

• 4 GPI/O channels simple control or tally between camera and base station 

- 2 each direction

• LTC In to camera from external Time code generator

• LTC Out from camera Time code generator

• Front panel control via pushbuttons and LED display

• Status LEDs for Camera Video, Audio and Time code present, Return video, 

audio and time code, genlock, intercom, IFB present, and fiber links OK

• Status LEDs for camera power ON and Ground Fault on CP versions

• 1 rack unit main frame with 1 rack unit audio breakout panel

• Auto-ranging 100-240VAC 50/60 Hz power supply

• Optional high voltage DC supply to send camera power to ECA-PS power 

converter (-CP version)

• Front panel power switches for Base power and Camera power (-CP versions)

• Available with LEMO 3K or Fischer 1053HDTV series fiber-optic connector 

- contact factory for other connector options

• Ethernet port for network upgrade + configuration


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