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Using DSP technology, the Mentor Plus is the most flexible SPG/TSG package available. It provides unsurpassed levels of stability and accuracy, with virtual jitter-free outputs in both free run and genlock operation, vital factors when operating sophisticated broadcast equipment. Multiple black and burst outputs eliminate the need for additional distribution amplifiers and the independent timing ranges of up to ±4 fields will provide a guarantee of solving any timing problems in any digital or mixed format installation.

Mentor Plus now includes the Embedded Audio card, which extends facilities to meet the latest system signal requirements. This gives the Mentor Plus two parallel outputs of SDI test, one output of SDI black and one word clock output, with EDH 8 optional embedded audio on the SDI outputs.

To accommodate the audio side of your installation an AES/EBU audio generator is provided, complying with AES11. The output can provide either test tones or silence at 32, 44.1 or 48 KHz. This AES signal is then embedded into the SDI signals. 

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Test Signal Generator

In addition Mentor Plus can be upgraded to Widescreen test patterns, to show 16 x 9 signals, confirming Mentor Plus as the leader in reference /test signal generation.

The Mentor Plus provides a full broadcast quality serial digital test signal generator as standard, offering two outputs of a single test signal from an in-built selection of over 35 seperate waveforms.

Standard Features

Full Broadcast Master Digital SPG/TSG
5 Black and Burst outputs (2 independently timed)
Timing ranges of up to ± 4 fields PAL ± 2 fields NTSC
Tones and Silence Timing Resolution
12 Character User Definable Ident Generator
2 parallel outputs of SD test
Option for widescreen test patterns
Option Boards for Analogue Test Signals, Additional Digital
O/P's, Pulse Outputs etc.
Digital Test Signal O/P's
RS422 Remote Control
Digital AES Audio
Analogue Audio Tones
Accuracy of 0.5nS
10MHz or B/B External Reference
1 output of SDI black
EDH on above SDI outputs
1 word clock output